Our History

The late James “Jim” Clubb Snr MBE founded the company in 1930. Jim remained Chairman until his passing in 2003 at the ripe age of 95. Even in his late years he still retained an interest in the development of the business and enjoyed visiting the quarries.

Jim Clubb will be remembered widely and respected as a colourful character who built a successful business but made a major contribution to the community in return. His recognition as an MBE resulted from years of fund raising for charity’ particularly for Cancer Research and this won him many friends.

In The early days sand and gravel was hand dug at Wilmington near Dartford (the present head office site). The company soon recognised the increasing demand for aggregates during the rebuilding years after the Second World War. Land and farms were acquired, sometimes on the instinct of “Jim” Clubb, who always had a ‘nose’ for sand and gravel bearing land.

Jim was joined by his eldest son ‘Jimmy” in 1947 who developed the business and took it forward several levels. In his early years Jimmy became a local councilor and soon took positions with local charitable and sporting organizations.

In the 1970’s he became a JP and later Chairman of the bench and his strong principles; enthusiasm for business and standard of “Doing it right” enabled the company to thrive and develop. The current business owes much to this period of stewardship and management.

In 1953, Andy Nash joined the board to direct the engineering side of the business and developed new plant installations and workshop facilities for the Plant and Haulage fleet.

The addition of a Marine Aggregate Wharf and Ready-mixed Concrete business enabled the Company to benefit from the Motorway construction program taking place in the 70’s and 80’s through Kent.

The Company has never lost touch with it’s local customers and even in the boom years, relationships have been maintained with local friends. Jimmy’s Son Simon joined the business in 1988 and qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant before being appointed to the board.

He became Managing Director in 1995. Sadly Jimmy passed away in 1997 but he left the Company in a strong and healthy position in order for Simon and Directors Jon Lovett and Colin Dring to continue to move the business forward.

The Company has always taken pride in being self-sufficient and all operations associated with the end product have been undertaken directly using company resources from extraction to delivery.

This has been driven by a customer focused approach that remains at the forefront of our priorities. The distinctive and innovative delivery fleet bearing the “Clubb” logo ensures that service levels are maintained to the highest standard.

The Company has contributed and continues to support the Mineral Products Association (“MPA”) and it’s forerunner The Sand and Gravel Association (“SAGA”). Certification by the British Standards Kite-mark Scheme ensures that the quality of our products is assured.

Also high on the “Clubb” agenda is the Company reputation for being a caring and responsible organization. The recognition of SAGA and MPA for the quality of the Company’s quarry restoration and site entrance standards is a testament to this philosophy.

This together with providing support to local community projects, charities and the work of the archaeological units has given the company a name as a ‘caring concern’.

In these recent days of advancing information technology and the exacting regime of increasing legislation, Simon Clubb has taken the Company into it’s third generation to maintain competitive advantage.

Our commitment is to continue to reinvest in the business, both in terms of new acquisitions and asset replacement but also in the people we employ.

Today J. Clubb is able to supply the complete solution to construction and D.I.Y customers. A package of concrete, aggregate, fill material, rock and recycled products can be pulled together to meet your needs. A new range of specialist products are also available, including industrial sand, golf and sports sand and recycled products.

The Company has tremendous development potential and we look forward to further extending the range of products and services on offer. One statement that will continue to carry the Company through we will always “Do it right” for our customers and community.

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